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At Kingaru Sleep, we have one goal: to provide our clients with incredible, premium long-lasting mattresses that offer comfortable sleep at an affordable price. No tricks, no gimmicks, just a combination of hard work, impeccable design and great customer service.

Our mattresses are not the best in the world because we are geniuses, they are the best because we spent years developing the perfect mattress through testing and listening to the people. We constantly built, tested and took feedback from real people to create a mattress that everybody can sleep on.

Now that we have the ultimate mattresses developed, our focus is on offering customers friendly service, low prices and a positive purchasing experience. Our sales process means that you simply have to visit our website, choose your mattress size and within 5 days you will have it delivered to your door for free. Best of all, if you don’t feel it is right for you before 100 nights of sleep, you can return it.

Kingaru is the new way to buy mattresses and the best way to sleep.

Kingaru Sleep

After exploring hundreds of configurations, we finally developed the perfect mattress! By consulting with hundreds of regular people from a wide range of demographics, we were able to use their feedback to create a mattress that was perfect for everybody.

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