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About our mattress

The Kingaru Mattress has a thickness of 25 cm and is composed out of 4 distinct premium quality layers. Our composition ensures the perfect sleeping position and offers the ideal support to all the important body parts. The secret of our mattress is the combination of premium natural latex, over premium supportive pressure-relieving memory foam and premium durable high resilience foam. Underneath lies a durable, firm support foam. A thin spun sock keeps these foam layers together. This combination is covered with luxurious Belgian knitting that is made out of stretched fabrics. This gives a superior luxury feel.

We placed our new mattress in a 10-year sleep simulation to study what durability we could promise our customers: 10 years of waking up refreshed and with a smile! These simulations showed that under normal usage, the Kingaru mattress would indent an average of 2mm in 10 years. To put that into perspective, a premium spring mattress would indent more than 20mm over 10 years which is ten times more than the Kingaru mattress!

One model only

After exploring hundreds of configurations, we finally developed the perfect mattress! By consulting with hundreds of regular people from a wide range of demographics, we were able to use their feedback to create a mattress that was perfect for everybody.

The Kingaru Mattress technology is perfect for sleepers of any size or weight. The more pressure put on our mattresses, the more bounce it will give you. The perfect sink amount means the perfect sleep.

Great Sleep at an affordable Price

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Our technology

We support Filipino jobs and manufacturing. All our mattresses are designed in Belgium and made with care in the Philippines.


No Springs

Many people believe that spring coil is the best base material for mattresses, however that is because of expensive marketing campaigns.

Companies push spring coil technology onto buyers because it is cheaper for them to make, which increases their profits on every mattress sold.


No Partner Disturbance

If you are a couple with one person who tosses and turns all night, the Kingaru is the best solution! Our engineers designed the mattress specifically to ensure that you don’t interrupt each other’s sweet dreams.

It’s like sleeping in separate beds without having to give up the cuddles.



Kingaru combines premium materials in one luxury mattress, giving you the best sleep imaginable.

Comfort is our passion, so we developed a mattress that’s as close as possible to sleeping on a cloud. It’s time to recharge your body and mind with a good night’s sleep.


Perfect Support

The magic of a great mattress lies in its bounce. The challenge of finding the perfect balance between firmness and sinking softness is one that we studied for hundreds of hours.

Then, we finally found that amazing combination that has a great sink, durable firmness and pushes you back right where you need it. Never feel stuck in bed again with Kingaru!


Keeps you cool

The Kingaru Mattress has a low transition temperature, allowing it to stay consistent even when the outside temperature changes.

You won’t be overheating when your body contours the mattress because the premium latex draws the heat away from your body and disperses it outside of the mattress. Kingaru keeps you cool and comfortable.


The Perfect Feel

To put it simply, Kingaru Mattresses are designed to offer sleepers the absolute best feel for their sleep. You do not have to choose any more in between a rock-hard mattress or a soft.

Through our intensive development process, rigorous testing, high quality materials and user feedback, we built a mattress that provides an amazing sleep for everybody.

Metal Fatigue

Metal fatigue is the weakening of metal due to usage and pressure, resulting in a loss of strength and bending coils.

Loss of Support

Spring coils begin to sag after just one year, some even after a few months, causing the mattress to lose shape.

Poor Back Support

Spring coils do not offer the proper back support or address spinal alignment. This can cause sleepers back pain and other posture issues.

Painful Sleep

Since spring coils do not evenly distribute body weight, you may wake up in pain from your sleep.


The empty spaces between the coils can be a breeding ground for dust mites and other bacteria.

Mattress Material

The Kingaru mattress is designed in Belgium and assembled in the Philippines sourced with high quality materials from Europe, Belgium and the Philippines.

Woven cover

Our removable cover is made with premium Belgian knitting. They are stretchable and easy to clean.

Latex Comfort

Our premium natural latex is made in Belgium and comes with a superior density. This gives you the perfect comfort.

Memory Foam

Our premium memory foam comes within a superior level of viscosity and density. This gives you the perfect support and molds to your body.

High Resilience Foam

Our premium HR foam has the ability to return to its original form and gives the necessary durability to our mattress. This also blocks the transfer of motion from one sleeper to another

Crafted with premium materials

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