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  • Ayu Prisilia

    Free trial is amazing

    Easy to purchase with a 10-year warranty and 100 nights free trial. I was actually surprised they gave a free trial, that is so brave! But I bought it because of this free trial and now, I am very happy with it. The free trial gives the chance to try the mattress and feel the quality. Well done Kingaru.

  • Louis Dumanauw

    I like Kingaru very much!

    I like it very much and it fits my apartment well. I don’t sleep much as I need to study a lot but Kingaru makes my small amount of sleep better. I feel like the bed won’t let me leave it when I about to wake up for morning class :-)

  • Noufal Susetyo

    Comfortable and easy

    I bought the queen size. It expanded in just around 2 minutes. It’s quite difficult for me to get rid of old things but I didn’t feel sad when I replaced my old bed with Kingaru. Now I fall asleep quickly and wake up the next day with a good feeling

  • Sulaiman Alaidrus

    Not too bouncy and very relaxing

    I travel a lot for business, therefore I experience to sleep on different mattresses almost every week. I definitely prefer my Kingaru Mattress: it doesn’t bounces like a trampoline and feels like heaven. This mattress is really perfect.

  • Ayu Marhani

    All I ever wanted

    I wish I had known this mattress for ever. It contours my body perfectly so I don’t feel strain towards my muscle and joints. When someone askes me about it, I always say it's top!

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